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Learning with Tablets

Grades 6-12 Virtual

Computer Class

Program Details

The hallmark of an Faith A&M Charter Institute Virtual education is a robust curriculum, an abundance of learning experiences that require collaborative problem solving, and subject-specific assignments in which learners critically and creatively examine the world around them. The Faith A&M Charter Institute faculty forms the core of a much greater academic support team that includes parents, administrators, coaches, and campus life staff members, all of whom work tirelessly to positively impact academic, athletic and character growth. The focus of the Faith A&M Charter Institute curriculum is to develop critical thinking, collaboration, Mentorship, perseverance and communication skills through the study of traditional subject areas. The school's curriculum is designed to prepare student-athletes for the rigors of university life.



  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Social Science

  • Visual Arts

  • World Language

  • English Language Development

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                 Mentorship Program

Faith A&M Charter Institute’s Navigate Mentoring provides student-athletes access to personalized academic guidance and executive functioning training in areas such as goal setting and management, organization, and self-awareness. Students-athletes with identified learning differences and those who need an extra measure of learning support should consider the benefits of this service.

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Teacher Assisting a Student


Student-athletes who need extra help with classwork, an upcoming project, or a test, FAMCI offers a variety of tutoring opportunities. The Achievement Center provides assistance during school sessions each day.


College Planning

Dedicated staff in our College Planning and Placement Department educates and mentors each student-athlete and their family about college exam preparation, athletic recruiting, college admissions and NCAA compliance's.


Test Preparation and Eligibility


Students take a year-long, 40-hour standardized test preparatory course that begins spring semester of sophomore year and continues through fall semester of junior year. The course coincides with optimal timing for students to prepare for the tests and concludes prior to taking the SAT and ACT.


Our staff offers educational guidance, monitors academic certification, tracks recruitment activities and oversees amateurism issues so students, parents and college coaches can have full confidence that an FAMCI graduate will have a complete understanding of the rules in place that govern eligibility to play at the next level. Learn more about the NCAA at

Transfer Credits

Credits may be awarded to students transferring to FAMCI from another academic institution. Official transcripts will be reviewed by the Registrar to determine eligibility, number of credits earned, and progress towards graduation.

Graduation Requirements

FAMCI offers a SC High School Diploma to students who successfully complete the credit requirements for graduation.

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