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Welcome to our Golden Hornets Marching Band Page

Our program is looking for students whom have a love and passion for playing musical instruments also marching with precision. We want to build our program from the ground up creating a fun and exciting marching band. we only ask that students maintain a 75% grade point average or higher, be well mannered, disciplined and can take instructions and criticism from experienced adults mentors who are directing the band. 




  1. 1) Advance Band and Instruments Classes taught on school days from 1pm - 5pm.

  2. Complete Band Uniforms for band performances.

  3.  Band attire such as polo shirts, and T-shirts

  4.  Travel to some sporting events with the athletic team and provided game day meals and snacks.

  5.  College tour for college-eligible students ( hotel stay if needed)

  6.  Band exhibition tour and pep band for basketball.

  7.  Awards for excellence in band and letter of recommendation to colleges for recruitment.

  8.  Perform at Sports Classic every year

  9.  Travel band competition with other programs for exposure.

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